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I've had many good massages over the years due to both aging and injuries, but Marsha's deep tissue work for my frozen shoulder has been nothing short of miraculous!  I had tried just about everything before finding this talented therapist and this turned out to be the best investment possible in my health. Now I can get back to regular exercise, as well as focused movement.

- Jane D.


I have suffered through cronic back pain over the last several years visiting my chiropractor several times a month. Since I have been recieving massage therapy from Marsha my back pain has subsided and I no longer am seeing my chiropractor for adjustments. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the need!  

- Jason S. 


I have hope again, that I might have a normal neck, and won't be in so much pain.  I've tried everything - dry needling, physical therapy, chirorpractic - and I'd get a small bit of relief and then it would come right back.  After three sessions with Marsha, I think I'm finally on the right track.  I'd almost given up, so I'm very grateful to her and her healing hands.

- Jeff H.


I went to Marsha because I was in extreme pain and nothing I had tried was alleviating that pain. She knows the human body well and has helped alleviate most of my pain through massage therapy. She can figure out where the pain is coming from and works from there. I have recommended her to many of my friends and, as a special treat for our adult children, we give them a massage by Marsha when they are in town visiting us. Their thanks are an indication of how much they enjoyed the massage. I highly recommend Marsha. She is easy to work with and a delightful person. 

– Eileen M.


My experience with Marsha has improved my health and quality of life beyond my expectations. I have been a diabetic for 4 years now, my BS numbers have been through the roof, totally uncontrollable with medicine. I have been experiencing total numbness in both my feet, until Marsha got ahold of me, after only one session the following morning my BS numbers had dropped significantly (unbelievably) and all numbness was gone. My numbers have remained down and steady. I now have had 2 sessions with her and the numbness remains at bay totally. As we all know, stress is the number one factor in raising BS numbers for diabetics this is what all diabetics need, massage therapy to decompress. With all that I have stated above we all know that diet and exercise should go hand in hand with the therapy, don't stop what you are doing just and massage therapy to enhance your health and quality of life. My heart felt best wishes to those that are in need of relief from what ever challenges you are facing in your life and health. I will be a client of Asclepieion Massage Therapy from now on to continue my new found quality of life. Thank you Marsha!  

- Anita M.


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